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Hire Jose’s Tree Service

Jose’s Tree Service only has skilled employees with years of experience in this field. Trees add value to our homes and neighborhoods and should be cared for to ensure longevity and beauty.

When you need tree trimming, removal, or other tree services, you do not have to look any further. We opened this business with the goal of providing world-class tree care to residents in North Carolina, and take pride in providing our clients the service they deserve. We are always on time for every job and complete each project at the time it is scheduled without reducing our quality standards.

Only Quality Work

When you take care of your trees you are not only improving its overall health and looks. You are also increasing the value of your property at a very affordable price. Giving them the right maintenance can reduce damage and will save you many problems in the future.

With more than 15 years of experience providing tree services, we count with a devoted and experienced team of workers that will make sure your trees look great all year long.

Services We Provide

Snow Removal

Besides clearing your walkways and driveways for your safety, we can also clear the snow from other fundamental areas such as the roof. A lot of people don’t know that if you do not remove it from the roof, you are running the risk of causing a lot of damage to your house because of the weight of the snow. Snow accumulation can also cause ice blocking and damage to your gutters. You do not have to worry about any of these problems with us, we’ll make sure your house is free from all of these problems so we can avoid expensive repairs to your property.

Tree Topping

Tree topping is the reduction of a tree’s size by shortening its branches or limbs back to a stub. We provide tree topping to reduce your tree’s size to make it safer for you, your family, neighbors or even the people that pass on the sidewalk.

Dead Limbing

Limbing is the removal of the branches from trees. When you let us remove your unwanted limbs, you are not only providing safety to your property by avoiding big branches to fall. This also prevents the branches from being a fuel ladder, which is what allows a fire to climb from the ground into the tree canopy.


Our tree services also include trimming broken, diseased, or dead branches on mature and young trees for protection. Even if your tree is healthy, trimming prevents diseases and fungi from infecting your tree.

The removal of live branches is sometimes necessary to let the sunlight and circulation of air get in the tree. This also helps if you are looking to improve appearance and restoration considering trimming also provides structural enhancement. With this procedure, you can be absolutely sure that your new trees will grow with a beautiful and proper structure that will not cause future problems.

Complete Removal

We provide you the most efficient, cost-effective and safest way to deal with your tree removal needs. Our team is trained in removing everything, from branches to very hazardous trees in even the most difficult scenarios.

Lawn Care

Lawn care services are a very wise investment. Properties with a well-maintained landscape have their value increased a lot. Even if you’re not planning to sell your home, you can also be proud of it and just enjoy the increased curb appeal that you will gain with our excellent work.

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If you live in North Carolina and you’re having some kind of problem in your outdoors or just want to give a glow up to your property, don't hesitate to call Jose’s Tree Service at 336-635-7479 for quality work only. Our customers are always the priority!

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